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Bruder Grimmaw.JPG
Bruder Grimmaw von den Space Wolves

Bruder Grimmaw ist ein Wolfsfang in der Großkompanie von Wolfslord Ragnar Schwarzmähne.


Grimmaw war der Name einer Sammelfigur von WETA/Sideshow Collectibles, welche wie alle aus der Serie auf 5000 Stück weltweit limitiert ist. Ausgerüstet ist die etwa 15cm hohe Statue mit einem Schweren Bolter.


Englische Beschreibung

Grimmaw laid down covering fire for his battle brothers, heavy bolter shells flashing in the dark of the ruined hive. The Space Wolves had been pinned by the enemy, but a chance to break free had presented itself. A counter-attack by one or more Space Wolves had drawn off part of the enemy force and Grimmaw and his battle brothers were now on the attack. Bolter shells ricochet off the surrounding terrain forcing the foul Chaos Space Marines to keep their heads down, giving the fierce and determined Space Wolves the opportunity to charge their position. Before long this encounter would be over with victory to the Space Wolves!