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Codex Sentinels of Terra, sechste Edition

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Der Codex Sentinels of Terra ist ein Ergänzungsbuch von Games Workshop zum Tabletop Spiel Warhammer 40.000. Dieses eBook wurde erstmals 2013 veröffentlicht und ist Teil der Sechsten Edition von Warhammer 40.000.


  • Introduction
  • The Sons Of Dorn
  • Lysander's Rise
    • A Hero's Ascension
    • A Prisoner Of Chaos
  • Storm Clouds Gather
    • An Obsession With Vengeance
    • The Invasion of Taladorn
    • The Coming Of The Imperial Fists
    • The Planetstrike Begins
    • A Duel Of Hate
    • The Cost Of Pride
  • The Storm Breaks
    • The Hour Of Judgement
    • Lysander's Penance
  • The Crusade Begins
  • War In The Magor Rift
    • The Reconquest Of Kalin
    • The Crusade Continues
    • Assault On The Star Fort
    • Gormok's Counter-Attack
    • The Last Stand
    • A New Threat Approaches
  • Infestation On Drashin
    • The Heart Of The Swarm
    • The Relief Of Black Ridge
    • Into The Darkness
    • Tragedy And Triumph
  • Vengeance Gathers
    • The Cost Of Victory
    • A New Master Is Chosen
  • Fall of Malodrax
    • A Clash Of Leviathans
    • The First Strike Of Vengeance
    • Lysander Triumphant
  • The 3rd Company's Triumph
  • Defenders Of Terra
  • The 3rd Company At War
  • The Sentinels Of Terra
  • Relics Of The 3rd Company
  • Apocalypse – The Crusade of Thunder
  • Cities of Death Stratagems
  • Planetstrike Stratagems
  • Altar of War: Sentinels of Terra
  • Altar of War: A Never-Ending Crusade
  • Altar of War: Siege Warfare
  • Altar of War: Too Stubborn to Die
  • Echoes of War: Last Stand of Taladorn
  • Echoes of War: Strike Force Hammer
  • Echoes of War: Strike Force Anvil
  • Echoes of War: The Kommand Deck
  • Echoes of War: Confrontation on Drashin
  • Echoes of War: Retribution on Tamunash
  • Copyright

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  • ISBN: 978-1-78253-365-8